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Don't miss to keep your head in peace
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Headpeace was desiged to be flexible enougth. Main hood is possible to keep in 3 following ways you need: unique apperance, comfort or higher protection.

How to use

The face mask can be folded down if you need.

How to use

Required fit regulated by tightening an elastic cord. The most effective is to pull the ring, not elastic cord, that will allow the cord to optimally distribute itself inside coulisse. We have taken into account to design the ability to adjust using two hands and one hand as well. To loosen the cord, just press on the sides of the clip.

How to use

For now, Headpeace is only available in one universal size. You can adjust the fit of the mask, size of the product and remove the excess volume by these vertical seams.

How to use

After use, be sure to rinse Headpeace in clean fresh water and dry in the shade. To care for purity and freshness, we recommend using mild detergents, but better toilet soap or shampoo. Headpeace's seams are strong enough to withstand the pressure, but please refrain from excessive twisting it to remove moisture.

The assembly point of the elastic cord is located inside the coulisse between the edge of the visor and plastic clip. If you need to shorten the overall length of the elastic tape, it is sufficient to pull the node outside and shorten it in this place.

Be careful using Headpeace together with a wetsuit. Hooks from velcro fasteners can damage the fabric and seams. In case of found loops in the seams on the external side of the product, you can remove it by neat & light stretching of the fabric in the transverse direction.

Useful info

Do not forget to read the important information inside of the product and at the back side of the leaflet from the package, it can be critical in emergency situation.

That are the basic features. We are improving the product every day, so we keep the right to amend the construction, shape, details, materials, features, prints or colors without notice.

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